Friday, 7 September 2012

A guide to 'lunchtime' skin rejuvenation procedures

A guide to 'lunchtime' skin rejuvenation procedures
Looking younger does not have to mean cosmetic surgery 
Men and Women can choose from a variety of non-surgical treatments that can turn the clock back. The procedures discussed in this article were designed to reverse, improve or erase the earliest signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun damaged skin. They are often referred to as
lunch time procedures because they take very little time to perform and do not require a recovery period. 
What our patients like the most about these is that no one has to know they had them. They just look better!
 Your treatment options
About nine out of 10 patients seeking to look younger want to do so without going under the knife. They wish to avoid surgery, the anaesthesia, the down-time and the added expense. 

Injectbles relax the wrinkle producing muscles so they do not contract. After treatment the overlying skin remains smooth while the underlying facial muscles contract in a normal fashion allowing normal facial expressions to be unaffected.

Dermal fillers fill our wrinkles with a natural clear gel. No allergy test is required. These can also be used for lips, cheek or chin enhancements, nose reshaping and filling dark circles under the eyes.
Photorejuvenation is designed to reverse signs of skin ageing in a gentle way. IPL is used to simultaneously remove broken veins, age spots and pigment whilst stimulating new collagen and shrink pore size. It can blend and brighten your complexion.

Non-ablative lasers and radio-frequency treat wrinkles and lax skin by stimulating your own collagen production. This newly formed collagen fills the wrinkles from within.

Microdermabrasion leaves your skin softer, smoother and fresh looking. In less than 30 minutes this gentle treatment produces satisfying results.

Gentle chemical peels can improve skin texture, reduce acne and pigmentation. They gently exfoliate, smooth and soften the skin while they remove the outer layer of skin cells. They are great to improve dull, lifeless complexion.
Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic focuses on customised treatments for your unique needs. We only provide evidence based treatments that have a high satisfaction rate. We do not offer speculative or gimmicky treatments without established safety profile.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Body contouring and weight loss services in Norwich, Norfolk

Body contouring and weight loss services
Did you know that we offer a full complement of body contouring and weight loss services? We are the first clinic in the country to offer latest fat melting laser from Italy.

Laser liposuction

Fat is bad for health. Diet and Exercise are best for sustained weight loss but there are other options if these are not enough...or if you are struggling to get rid of localised areas of fat. Some such areas are hips and thighs in women, abdomen, love handles and chin and jowls and man boobs or gynaecomastia in men.
Laser liposuction offers numerous advantages. No general anesthesia, minimal bruising, quick recovery and smooth results. Click here to read more.
If surgery [ even minimal] is not for you
Ultrasound and Radiofrequency
These completely non-invasive techniques can get rid of areas of fat and cellulite. You need a few sessions to achieve that new body shape and to achieve weight loss. Read more here

Mesotherapy Can reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce localised areas of fat in as few as 4-6 sessions. Click here to find out more. 

And finally- we suggest irvingia or african mango extract for weight loss. It has been shown to work in clinical studies. It reduces fat and cholestrol. To make sure that you use authentic product we have brought you this from MD Prescriptives- a medical supplements company from the USA. A 3 month supply costs £45. Why not give it a try to boost your efforts!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Treatment of venous lakes

Venous lakes are dark blue to violet compressible small swelling caused by dilatation of venules. These are common on sun-exposed skin. They also commonly occur on lips and are uncommon before 50 years of age.
The diagnosis is clinical and not difficult for the trained eye. Differential diagnosis includes melanoma and pigmented basal cell carcinoma. Venous lakes are soft, compressible, well defined and usually a few mm in size. Direct pressure created by a glass slide causes a vascular lesion such as a venous lake to blanch or fade as the blood is forced out.
Various treatments are available but the best treatment is with long pulsed Nd-Yag laser. There is lack of awareness of this even amongst the medical professionals. I believe that with recent advances in laser technology and wide availability of these, there is no role for any destructive modality in most cases. A variety of treatment modalities have been described. These include cryo therapy, diathermy, surgery and sclerotherapy. These can cause scarring and textural changes. A variety of lasers have been described but most success has been achieved with the long pulsed Nd-Yag laser.

Usually only one treatment session is required and patients are delighted with the outcome.  The results shown here are typical in our clinic. So this is one more instance where a particular laser is the obvious choice. It is non-invasive, quick and no anaesthesia or operation is required. There is no scarring and excellent results are achieved at a very reasonable cost.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rosacea is a common condition. Often there is lack of awareness but there is no need to suffer in silence.

Consider rosacea if you have suffered from any of the following-facial flushing, redness, broken blood vessels, coarseness of skin and inflammatory eruption resembling acne.

Rosacea is defined by persistent redness of the central portion of the face lasting for at least 3 months. Other symptoms include flushing, acne like eruptions and visible blood vessels. Often there is burning and stinging, swelling, plaques, a dry appearance, eye symptoms such as redness and stinging and a swollen, bulbous nose.

Frequent triggers to flushing include acutely felt emotional stress, hot drinks, alcohol, spicy foods, exercise, cold or hot weather, and hot baths and showers and some skin creams.

There are four different types of rosacea; each with their unique features and treatment may differ. Some other conditions can resemble rosacea but usually this is a clinical diagnosis. Occasionally blood tests are required to rule out other conditions.

Erythematotelangiectatic type [ETR]
Central facial flushing, often accompanied by burning or stinging, is the predominant sign. The redness usually spares the skin around the eyes. These patients typically have dry skin with a fine texture.

Papulopustular rosacea [PPR]
Papulopustular rosacea is the classic presentation of rosacea. Patients are women of middle age who predominately present with a red central portion of their face that contains small red lumps, some with white heads.

Phymatous rosacea
Phymatous rosacea is defined as marked skin thickenings and irregular surface nodularities of the nose, chin, forehead, one or both ears, and/or the eyelids. This is more common in men.
Ocular rosacea
This is rosacea, which affects the eyes causing blepharitis, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the lids and conjunctival redness. Symptoms include eye stinging or burning, dryness, irritation with light, or foreign body sensation.


As rosacea is a poorly understood condition there is no cure but we aim to control the symptoms. It is important to avoid or reduce precipitating factors such as stress, spicy foods and sudden changes in temperature.
Your GP may prescribe antibiotic gels, creams or tablets that help in papulopustular type of rosacea but do little to help flushing and blood vessels. Other medications are vitamin A based creams or isotretenoin and some medications to reduce flushing.

Laser treatment is mainstay for flushing and broken blood vessels. We use IPL and a variety of lasers to help reduce it. Broken veins disappear in a few sessions but flushing control need multiple sessions. LED or light emitting diode therapy can help as well.

Phymatous rosacea is treated very successfully with a combination of vascular lasers and CO2 laser to remove thickened tissue under a local anaesthetic.

Ocular rosacea is currently not treated with lasers. Further research is likely to produce more treatment options but for now we advocate laser therapy, which helps a majority of rosacea sufferers.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lasers & blemish removal at the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic.

Lumps and bumps are a very common complaint. These are not only a cosmetic issue but can cause symptoms such as itching, bleeding, catching on cloths etc.

Some darkly pigmented moles or changing, enlarging ones can indicate a need to see your GP or a dermatologist to exclude melanoma.

 Here we discuss some common types of lumps and bumps and treatment options.

Seborrhoic warts and skin tags are very common minor skin lesions which usually do not produce symptoms or turn nasty. These are very easy to remove very successfully with barely noticeable scarring.

Raised flesh coloured moles- these are again very common and usually do not indicate any significant problem. Most remain unchanged for many years. It is best to get them checked if there are any changes or concerns. These can be removed almost instantly with shave excision or vaporised with the laser.

Pigmented moles- are a little bit tricky to remove as we remove these with a margin of surrounding skin and this means the resultant scar is usually much longer than the original mole. We also recommend these be sent for pathological examination. Routine examination of removed tissue is best practice here.

Skin cysts- these can be removed through a very small hole in the overlying skin. We now treat most small and longstanding cysts with the help of lasers.

Lipoma-or fatty lumps can be removed through a very small cut in the skin.

Xanthelasma-these are small whitish fatty deposits around the eyes. Most of these can be very successfully removed under local anaesthesia. If these are very large, especially on lower eyelids then removal in a hospital setting may be required.

Broken veins/ birthmarks- most of these can be faded with the help of lasers and no surgery is normally required. A few sessions may be needed.

Rhinophyma or bulbous nose due to rosaces- this can be very successfully removed with the help of lasers. We may need to use 2-3 lasers and 3-5 sessions may be required. Results are very gratifying.

Warts- a variety of treatments are available and lasers are one option to cut off the blood supply so warts shrink and disappear. These can also be vaporised with CO2 laser.

Skin cancers-these are treated as a matter of urgency and treatment is available on the NHS. Laser therapy is not standard of care for skin cancers and we do not recommend it.

Log on to our website or call 0800 0430737 for more information or to book an appointment.

Image courtesy of coltishall clinic patients

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wedding planner-how to look your best on your wedding day.

Anti-ageing specialist Dr Sanjay Gheyi MBBS MS FRCS BCAAM from Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic provides his tips for looking your best on your wedding day. The more time you have to prepare yourself the better it is. But if not, do not worry, our selection of treatments can do a wonderful job. A good moisturiser with SPF 25 and UV A & B protection, vitamins A,C and E based products are a good foundation for any skin care.

Treatments for the bride

Consider laser hair removal if unwanted hair is a problem. Don’t forget laser surgery to remove any unsightly blemishes or moles, lumps and bumps.

Try a course of very popular Photofacial™-  these are no downtime IPL and laser treatments and you get a beautiful complexion blending and brightening for your special day. Why not try it on neck, hands and décolleté for that flawless complexion! We recommend 3-5 sessions 2-3 weeks apart.

Fractional CO2 laser skin peel or deeper resurfacing to turn the clock back a few years! Especially important if you have issues with acne scarring or uneven skin texture. Try Madonna lift for rejuvenation of eyelid skin and crow's feet area.

Using a little botox™ can provide a smooth brow, forehead and iron out those crow’s feet and frown lines. Allow a few weeks for full effects to be apparent and these last about 4-5 months.

Restylane™ for softening nose to mouth lines, lips, cheek and chin enhancements, nose reshaping etc. Having deep lines can show with bright lights and photographers flashes from different angles. Why not fill out lines and wrinkles. Again allow a few weeks if possible but new technology now allows us to use these without any bruising or swelling and you can get back to your schedule immediately.

Dysport™ to eliminate sweaty underarms- You may not think you suffer from hyperhidrosis, but spending hours in a gown, stressful moments, pictures taking and speech-giving can induce sweating even in the calmest bride. If you are spending thousands on a gorgeous gown, protect it from unwanted sweat marks, and consider treating your underarms to minimise sweating.

The Mother of the Bride or Groom

Using Botox™ before your son or daughter’s marriage celebration is a great idea. Botox is fast, easy, has little down-time and will last approximately 4-5 months. It also helps with migraines, tension headaches and keeps you looking and feeling calm.

Dermal fillers- You can have a small amount or you can have a liquid facelift. Time is a little short to consider a facelift if that is what you have wanted, but a liquid facelift has several advantages-it is more economical, stress free and has no downtime.

You can tighten your jaw line without any downtime at all with radiofrequency technology.

Dysport™ to eliminate sweaty underarms- Excessive sweating can sometimes interfere with your well made plans for your son or daughter’s big day. Using dysport or botox to combat sweating works very well, and is a quick lunch time procedure.

IPL  Intense Pulsed Light treatments are helpful in removing sun damage (brown pigments such as sun spots and age spots, and red pigments such as broken capillaries, rosacea, and general redness). Creating more luminous skin with IPL treatments allows for a more even complexion and removes the unwanted effects of many years of sun damage. We recommend 3-5 treatments, approximately 2-3weeks apart, so be sure you leave yourself enough time to complete the series before the wedding. This treatment is so popular because there is little to no down-time. Areas such as the face, neck, chest and hands can be treated, as well as other areas, like the arms, which you may consider if your dress is sleeveless!

Laser skin rejuvenation With seven different lasers and light based devices at our disposal we are sure to have a treatment for your skin care needs. And, remember you are getting true skin rejuvenation and reduction in your skin age.

If you have wanted blepahroplaty [ eyelid surgery ] we can now do this laser eyelift avoiding downtime and cost of expensive operation.

Nice have treatments for everyone

Diamond microdermabrasion is a gentle, relaxing and enjoyable procedure. It provides you with a valuable ‘me time’ from your hectic schedule and you would love the smooth soft feel of your skin and luminous glow afterwards. This one is for everyone.

For more information log on to or call 0800 0430737

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunday Times article on downside of fillers

Joker Face

Why do fillers frequently look so false?

risks of going under the needle-

"You’ve seen this face – it’s everywhere. There’s something muzzle-like about the nose and mouth. The lips are taut and bulbous, and a little wonky when she smiles. In extreme cases, the cheeks sit like ping pong balls under spongy skin, eyes peering out of puffy sockets.
The “pillow face”, our current answer to the 1990s wind-tunnel look, is down to dermal fillers. These semi-permanent gels are injected into the lips, cheeks and the lines between the nose and the mouth in a bid for youthful plumpness. Trouble is, the result is often not eternal youth, but a face like a water-retentive lion....."

My view
Dermal fillers can give impressive results but they have to be done for right diagnosis, right product has to be used in right amount and in the right place.
So there we have it, results from dermal fillers depend entirely on your practitioner. Next time you ask for price of a syringe of Restylane-please do consider this. Ask for before and afters and if you see lots of pillow faces you have the option to walk away!

What is wrong with the alternatives that have been suggested in this article?
I am surprised by some of the suggested alternatives and outline my concerns with each of these here-

Antislackening mesotherapy- 
This is a technique of injection of multiple ingredients and there are no standard formulations. You don't know what is being injected and results are not as good as standard cosmetic procedures such as botox, fillers, lasers & radiofrequency.

Dracula therapy 
This is a procedure involving injection of patients own blood cells into the skin. Again this has been tried in various forms for last many years. This reminds me of Isolagen which was a procedure involving taking patients own cells and injecting them. Majority of patients spent thousands of pounds but were very disappointed with the results and eventually it was withdrawn. My advice-don't be a guinea pig. There are lots of tried and tested products out there and these work very well.

The old-fashioned facelift 
Agreed, this can't be beaten for skin tightening. But, this only tightens loose skin, you may need a combination with fillers for restoring lost volume or you might get the dreaded wind-tunnel look. One more important point-no true skin rejuvenation takes place with a face lift, unlike laser resurfacing where true skin rejuvenation occurs. 

What can I say, I like radiesse but this is a type of dermal filler. So, to say avoid dermal fillers but try radiesse instead does not make sense.

Let me know what you think and you can find out more about these procedures on our website-

Natural look with dermal fillers

Soft restoration

Laser resurfacing



 Laser skin rejuvenation

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