Friday, 7 September 2012

A guide to 'lunchtime' skin rejuvenation procedures

A guide to 'lunchtime' skin rejuvenation procedures
Looking younger does not have to mean cosmetic surgery 
Men and Women can choose from a variety of non-surgical treatments that can turn the clock back. The procedures discussed in this article were designed to reverse, improve or erase the earliest signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun damaged skin. They are often referred to as
lunch time procedures because they take very little time to perform and do not require a recovery period. 
What our patients like the most about these is that no one has to know they had them. They just look better!
 Your treatment options
About nine out of 10 patients seeking to look younger want to do so without going under the knife. They wish to avoid surgery, the anaesthesia, the down-time and the added expense. 

Injectbles relax the wrinkle producing muscles so they do not contract. After treatment the overlying skin remains smooth while the underlying facial muscles contract in a normal fashion allowing normal facial expressions to be unaffected.

Dermal fillers fill our wrinkles with a natural clear gel. No allergy test is required. These can also be used for lips, cheek or chin enhancements, nose reshaping and filling dark circles under the eyes.
Photorejuvenation is designed to reverse signs of skin ageing in a gentle way. IPL is used to simultaneously remove broken veins, age spots and pigment whilst stimulating new collagen and shrink pore size. It can blend and brighten your complexion.

Non-ablative lasers and radio-frequency treat wrinkles and lax skin by stimulating your own collagen production. This newly formed collagen fills the wrinkles from within.

Microdermabrasion leaves your skin softer, smoother and fresh looking. In less than 30 minutes this gentle treatment produces satisfying results.

Gentle chemical peels can improve skin texture, reduce acne and pigmentation. They gently exfoliate, smooth and soften the skin while they remove the outer layer of skin cells. They are great to improve dull, lifeless complexion.
Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic focuses on customised treatments for your unique needs. We only provide evidence based treatments that have a high satisfaction rate. We do not offer speculative or gimmicky treatments without established safety profile.