Monday, 2 November 2015

Lasers for skin health. Our treatments make your skin healthy and delay age related changes.

We live in an age of technological revolutions and breakthroughs. Medicine has also benefited from an explosion in technology. Lasers have completely changed the field of cosmetic dermatology.

A couple of ground breaking studies from California have shown that light-based treatments do not only make the skin appear younger, they are actually making skin healthier and delaying skin ageing. Lasers work not only at a visible level but also at a microscopic, cellular and genetic level.
Researchers analysed characteristics of treated skin by taking skin biopsies and found that of the 2265 genes whose expression was altered in aged skin, 1,293 were fully restored to the expression seen in younger skin. After three successive Broadband Light treatments, the re-expressed genes included those associated with longevity and increased life.

A second blinded study showed that patients in the treated group on average had nine years younger looking skin.

Lasers can also be used very successfully to treat acne scarring, facial wrinkles and to achieve skin tightening. These procedures however may require a small amount of recovery time. These can be performed purely under local anaesthesia

For Vein care, we are now routinely able to treat conditions and achieving results which just 10 years ago would have been considered far fetched. In general there is a move away from major surgery and minimally invasive procedures and lasers are capable of achieving similar or better results with less risk of complications.

So can we see anyone with a laser?
We see major advances in technology which has resulted in better and better machines becoming available, at the same time there has been proliferation of less than desirable, and sometimes dangerous technology at the lower end of the market. Not all lasers are good and there are a lot of unqualified people using these so do your research before choosing a clinic and/ or a practitioner. In worst case scenario the outcomes can be less than desirable with complications sometimes difficult or impossible to rectify. So don’t take chances and visit a well established and reputable clinic. Preferably a clinic registered with Care Quality Commission, the only regulator of health care in England.

What conditions can your lasers treat?
Lasers can very successfully address a number of skin concerns either together or one at a time. This could be visible broken veins and capillaries, birth marks, acne,acne scarring, pigmentation, rosacea or facial blemishes. age spots offace, neck, chest and hands etc. Skintags, moles and benign lumps and bumps can be vaporised in an instant, in a bloodless procedure and with minimal risk of scarring.
Unwanted hair can be removed and tattoos can be faded or removed completely and leg veins can be sealed from inside in a nonsurgical way rather than having to undergo painful stripping operations.

We also use lasers to tighten the tissues under the skin as can be achieved with laser liposuction and laser assisted face and neck lift surgery.

Where can we find more information about these treatments?
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How can we book an appointment?
Call us free on 0800 0430737 or fill our appointment request form on the website and we will contact you.