Sunday, 18 October 2020

Cost effective, cutting edge laser and skin treatments and treatment combinations are available at the Coltishall Clinic.


We realise that this year has been tough for most people and we are offering special pricing for the winter season on some of our treatment packages and combinations. We have implemented a COVID-19 secure policy and enhanced cleaning protocols to minimize risk of transmission.


Coltishall Clinic is well known for offering effective cutting edge laser, skin and vein care treatments and have patients travel from all over the world for such treatments and results. One of our unique serving proposition [USP] is that we offer a full range of services under one roof. We firmly believe in the importance of a full ‘tool-box’ so that we can offer customized bespoke treatments to our patients. Patients are often pleasantly surprised when they think surgery is the only answer to their problems but it turns out that a much better option for them is non-surgical! Sometimes however surgery may be the best solution so we can offer a choice. This is the beauty of coming to a clinic like ours where we are very fortunate to work with a full range of laser and light devices, non surgical, minimally invasive and surgical options. We can talk to you, examine you and assess your wishes and requirements and then offer a solution from our extensive ‘tool-box’ that meets your criteria. You- our patients, are at the centre of everything we do. We not only invest in education, treatments and machines, we also invest in techniques and tools to enhance your comfort.


A very important consideration is that age related changes occur at multiple levels so unless you are very young, are seeing early changes or have a specific concern-chances are you may choose more than one option for most natural looking and pleasing results.  Only a well-equipped clinic with experience can offer you such a well-rounded package.


So here are some popular treatment packages and combinations on offer for you. Please do check the website for latest information before calling to book!

Laser hair removal- 30% off treatment course

Skin rejuvenation packages on a budget.


1] Peel and plump.

     This treatment is designed to exfoliate skin cells, address dehydration and stimulate skin cells and collagen synthesis. A combination to cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate. This includes- A gentle cleansing, AgeraRx Chemical peel, Diamond Microdermabrasion for exfoliation and LED light for plumper skin.

Exclusive Package price £135 [Save £75]


2] 3 for 2 Peel and polish offer

These procedures combine AgeraRx gentle chemical peels with diamond microdermabrasion. This will leave your skin looking and feeling pampered, fresh, well hydrated and plump.

Exclusive Package price £190 [Save £95]

3] Ultimate Skin Package

The ultimate experience to cleanse, refine and rejuvenate along with hydrating and firming the skin. This includes the revolutionary no needle mesotherapy.

     A gentle cleansing, AgeraRx Chemical peel, Diamond Microdermabrasion for exfoliation, CO2 laser micro channel creation, No needle mesotherapy with Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals and LED light for plumper skin

Exclusive package price £ 385 [Save £ 325]


4] Fractional laser toning/ clear lift/ Laser genesis skin toning

A quick no-downtime lunchtime laser procedure for skin toning and brightening. Includes diamond microdermabrasion followed by q switched laser or laser genesis procedure. If you always wanted a laser skin treatment but worry about cost and recovery, this one is for you.

£ 1000 for 5 sessions [Save £ 575]


If you are after quick results we also offer mini-makeover packages.

A number of changes happen to us as we age. We have volume loss, over active muscles, sun damage and loss of elasticity. No single treatment can address all of these issues. Treatment combinations provide the best and natural results. We have invested in top of the range comprehensive technology and have the experience of using it effectively. We have designed these packages for reversing age related changes in one appointment. A kind of mini extreme makeover!


Three different facial treatment packages are available. These include treatments to improve and brighten your skin in combination with injections to address lines and wrinkles and volume loss. Prices range from £790 for a bronze package to £1650 for liquid facelift gold package. More information and details are available on the website


The neck is a very delicate and visible part of the body. If you are noticing age related changes such as skin thinning, loss of elasticity and early sagging of neck and jawline then this package may be right for you.
This includes radiofrequency treatment of the jawline and neck, clear lift laser and LED light therapy, this is followed by Nefertiti lift muscle relaxing injections to weaken muscles responsible for neck bands and jawline sagging.


Hands are often the most neglected parts of the body and often show signs of ageing. These include volume loss and skin changes that show pigmentation, loss of volume and prominent veins. We use 1.5 cc dermal fillers to plump up the hands and then IPL or q switched laser to tackle pigmentation.

We are offering much more than this. If you prefer to add a CO2 laser treatment to any of the above packages we are giving an additional 15% discount. Call us on 01603736487 to benefit from these offers.