Thursday, 28 January 2021

Intimate Female Rejuvenation. This does not have to be a taboo subject and you do not have to suffer in silence.

Now we have several effective options for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation to improve your intimate and sexual health. It is ok to talk about intimate and sexual health.


Contrary to popular belief, intimate health does not only concern ladies after menopause. If you look at the history of human evolution- our life span has increased steadily. Pregnancy and childbirth were hazardous events and life expectancy was low. We are all living longer and many women spend more that 50% of their lives with intimate health and menopausal issues such as stress urinary incontinence, urinary infections, vaginal dryness, irritation, discomfort or even pain. Modern lifestyle, diet, alcohol, environmental pollution etc affect our general and hormonal health also.


There has been enormous progress in regenerative medical treatments and these are commonplace for facial and body rejuvenation. Did you know several of these treatments can be applied to intimate areas also? These treatments have become very popular during recent years and we have several studies and satisfied patients that attest to a success story.


So how do we start?


You have a doctor consultation and examination takes place. A chaperone is available for your comfort. A medical history and evaluation takes place. This is followed by a treatment plan, which may include one or more of the available options.


What treatment options are available?


We have several options available and a treatment plan will be formulated in consultation with you and your wishes. Your treatment will not be performed the same day but on a subsequent appointment at a later date. This may include one or more of the following options. We may recommend a referral to other specialists where a multi-disciplinary approach is desirable.


1] Bio-identical hormone therapy may be recommended or it may be a conventional HRT or oestrogen creams prescribed by your GP. Blood tests may be required.


2] Laser treatment. We have several lasers available. Choice of laser is based on your specific concern. This may be lasers to address pigmentation or vascular concerns. You can be more prone to pigmentation in intimate areas due to genetic predisposition, ageing, your ethnicity, use of hormones such as contraceptive pills or HRT. Lifestyle issues such as tight clothing, irritation from epilation, chafing or folliculitis causes inflammation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


3] Mona-lisa touch Laser treatment. This is a fractional CO2 laser treatment and only takes a few minutes to perform. It is a true rejuvenation by creating new tissue in vulvo-vaginal areas.


4] Stem cell enriched nano fat transfer with PRP. A limited liposuction is carried out to obtain fat cells rich in growth factors. These are then combined with PRP and injected for rejuvenation of tissues.


5] Fat transfer. As above but micro fat transfer can be used to improve volume of labia majora to reverse some of the age related deflation and sagging.


6] PRP. Here we take a blood sample, centrifuge it at very high speeds of up to 3500 rpm to concentrate platelets and growth factors. This concentrated solution can be injected or applied to the areas after mona lisa touch therapy in a no-needle way.


7] Laser lipolysis and skin tightening can be carried out to reduce thickened labia, mons pubis area and liposuction and mons lift can be performed under local anaesthesia.


To find out more information and to arrange a consultation please contact us via the website or call on 01603 736487  [ do check COVID-19 page for operational hours ]