Thursday, 16 August 2018

Commoditisation of Botox and Dermal fillers. Norwich is wild west of facial aesthetics.

Botox is a prescription only medicine. By definition it has to be administered by someone who can prescribe. Also prescription drugs cannot be advertised. Walking through Norwich High Street I saw beauty salons advertising Botox openly with posters outside their doors. If you do an online search for Botox in Norwich you will see high-ranking pages from non-medical people who put their lives on social media. Search engines of course love them because they are churning out content non-stop and putting every treatment they do online despite the fact that often they are making people look like aliens!
As someone who has run a successful Norwich based aesthetic practice administering botox and dermal fillers for more than a decade this is somewhat disconcerting to see. United Kingdom is unique in this regard as anyone can inject Botox and Fillers. There are people who are abusing their position to be able to prescribe Botox and fillers and then supplying them to non-medics to administer ( for a fee ). Of course every year there are more and more complications from these treatment carried out non professionally. Did you know that filler complications can be catastrophic! No I am not saying that complications do not occur in hands of doctors. No medical treatment is risk free but by seeing a properly trained qualified and experienced medical professional you are making it less likely for this to occur and should complications occur, you are in best hands with somebody who can take care of these. Why would you see a non doctor for a medical procedure?

Dr Sanjay Gheyi MBBS MS FRCS is medical director at the coltishall cosmetic clinic in Norfolk. He administers thousands of injectable treatments every year along with a full range of cosmetic surgery, laser and non surgical treatments with outstanding patient satisfaction.