Thursday, 29 December 2016

Tackling difficult areas with fillers. Why you need to see an experienced doctor.

The temples, chin, jawline, tear trough and forehead are difficult to inject so you need and experienced doctor to do these and not someone who injects fillers ‘on the side’. Ask your practitioner how many filler injections they do and can they show some before and after photos. When injecting fillers it is important to stay away from the important structures such as nerves and blood vessels. So a deep understanding of anatomy is essential.

When the jaw angle gets blurred, It makes a huge difference in how the person is perceived. We can inject fillers to contour the jawline, angle of the jaw and chin. Botulinum toxin injections remain popular for this area as in Nefertiti lift. As we age, we start to lose a little chin projection. This can be restored using fillers.

Age-related changes in the temple area include not only loss of fat but also loss of other soft tissues and bone. Additionally, patients can develop sun damage, skinlaxity and muscle atrophy, We are trying to replace a three-dimensional, multi-structural loss with one injection.
When filling the temples I am on the bone, as deep as possible. I can usually get most of the temporal areas filled effectively with one or two injections. That minimizes the risk of danger.

We routinely inject fillers in frown lines and forehead lines but this is a tricky area to inject-even for very experienced practitioners. A more comprehensive approach to the forehead involves three-dimensional forehead reflation. This approach differs drastically from simply filling lines because it requires placing fairly substantial amounts of filler on underlying bone while avoiding the blood vessels. This is a challenging technique that can produce beautiful results.