Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunday Times article on downside of fillers

Joker Face

Why do fillers frequently look so false?

risks of going under the needle-

"You’ve seen this face – it’s everywhere. There’s something muzzle-like about the nose and mouth. The lips are taut and bulbous, and a little wonky when she smiles. In extreme cases, the cheeks sit like ping pong balls under spongy skin, eyes peering out of puffy sockets.
The “pillow face”, our current answer to the 1990s wind-tunnel look, is down to dermal fillers. These semi-permanent gels are injected into the lips, cheeks and the lines between the nose and the mouth in a bid for youthful plumpness. Trouble is, the result is often not eternal youth, but a face like a water-retentive lion....."

My view
Dermal fillers can give impressive results but they have to be done for right diagnosis, right product has to be used in right amount and in the right place.
So there we have it, results from dermal fillers depend entirely on your practitioner. Next time you ask for price of a syringe of Restylane-please do consider this. Ask for before and afters and if you see lots of pillow faces you have the option to walk away!

What is wrong with the alternatives that have been suggested in this article?
I am surprised by some of the suggested alternatives and outline my concerns with each of these here-

Antislackening mesotherapy- 
This is a technique of injection of multiple ingredients and there are no standard formulations. You don't know what is being injected and results are not as good as standard cosmetic procedures such as botox, fillers, lasers & radiofrequency.

Dracula therapy 
This is a procedure involving injection of patients own blood cells into the skin. Again this has been tried in various forms for last many years. This reminds me of Isolagen which was a procedure involving taking patients own cells and injecting them. Majority of patients spent thousands of pounds but were very disappointed with the results and eventually it was withdrawn. My advice-don't be a guinea pig. There are lots of tried and tested products out there and these work very well.

The old-fashioned facelift 
Agreed, this can't be beaten for skin tightening. But, this only tightens loose skin, you may need a combination with fillers for restoring lost volume or you might get the dreaded wind-tunnel look. One more important point-no true skin rejuvenation takes place with a face lift, unlike laser resurfacing where true skin rejuvenation occurs. 

What can I say, I like radiesse but this is a type of dermal filler. So, to say avoid dermal fillers but try radiesse instead does not make sense.

Let me know what you think and you can find out more about these procedures on our website-

Natural look with dermal fillers

Soft restoration

Laser resurfacing



 Laser skin rejuvenation

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