Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lasers & blemish removal at the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic.

Lumps and bumps are a very common complaint. These are not only a cosmetic issue but can cause symptoms such as itching, bleeding, catching on cloths etc.

Some darkly pigmented moles or changing, enlarging ones can indicate a need to see your GP or a dermatologist to exclude melanoma.

 Here we discuss some common types of lumps and bumps and treatment options.

Seborrhoic warts and skin tags are very common minor skin lesions which usually do not produce symptoms or turn nasty. These are very easy to remove very successfully with barely noticeable scarring.

Raised flesh coloured moles- these are again very common and usually do not indicate any significant problem. Most remain unchanged for many years. It is best to get them checked if there are any changes or concerns. These can be removed almost instantly with shave excision or vaporised with the laser.

Pigmented moles- are a little bit tricky to remove as we remove these with a margin of surrounding skin and this means the resultant scar is usually much longer than the original mole. We also recommend these be sent for pathological examination. Routine examination of removed tissue is best practice here.

Skin cysts- these can be removed through a very small hole in the overlying skin. We now treat most small and longstanding cysts with the help of lasers.

Lipoma-or fatty lumps can be removed through a very small cut in the skin.

Xanthelasma-these are small whitish fatty deposits around the eyes. Most of these can be very successfully removed under local anaesthesia. If these are very large, especially on lower eyelids then removal in a hospital setting may be required.

Broken veins/ birthmarks- most of these can be faded with the help of lasers and no surgery is normally required. A few sessions may be needed.

Rhinophyma or bulbous nose due to rosaces- this can be very successfully removed with the help of lasers. We may need to use 2-3 lasers and 3-5 sessions may be required. Results are very gratifying.

Warts- a variety of treatments are available and lasers are one option to cut off the blood supply so warts shrink and disappear. These can also be vaporised with CO2 laser.

Skin cancers-these are treated as a matter of urgency and treatment is available on the NHS. Laser therapy is not standard of care for skin cancers and we do not recommend it.

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