Friday, 26 October 2012

Staff News
Our congratulations go to Jane & Warren. They have had a baby boy Hector William.
Many of you have been waiting to hear this great news. Thank you very much for your best wishes and all those cards. Mother and baby are doing very well.

We welcome two new members to our team.
Alison Spence has been covering Jane and proving a great success with her microdermabrasion, gentle skin peels, radiofrequency and ultrasound treatments. So don't wait..come and meet her and try one of her relaxing treatments.

Alison Harvey is a fully trained Operating Department Practitioner and helps Dr Gheyi carry out surgical procedures. Laser Liposuction is proving to be our most popular surgical procedure and minimum waiting time at present is four weeks. We are working hard to reduce this.

New Procedure
Platelet Rich Plasma

We're very excited to announce a new addition to our treatment menu. This one is straight from sci-fi ! It has been called the  'vampire facelift' or 'dracula therapy'. Many of you have asked for it, so here it is. Don' forget to check our introductory special offer below. As with everything else- we don't cut corners and have invested in the best technology out there. Straight from South Korea.
Did you know that South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgey procedures in the world? Super-PRP is the most powerful and technologically advanced PRP procedure and we are proud to introduce it to you. It is not only cosmetic- we are happy to offer it for tennis elbow, knee pain, plantar fascitis or tendon injuries and inflammations.

More info here.

Most popular procedure
Madonna Eyelift takes off

It is no surprise that the Madonna lift has become such a sought after procedure. Dr Gheyi perhaps has the most experience with it and results speak for themselves! If you have considered eyelid surgery or have not had satisfactory results from surgery then you may be a candidate for this procedure.
Find out more here
Read about Stuart's experience here

Tried and tested skin rejuvenation option
In time for your christmas party

IPL & Laser photorejuvenation is a tried and tested procedure and reduces your skin age by reversing changes caused by UV light. Blend and brighten your complexion, reduce sun-damage, pigmentation & acne scarring with this remarkable treatment. We are most experienced in this procedure and results depend on technology and the operator. Find out more here.

AND Finally a word of caution. We have seen a number of injuries caused by IPLs used by non-medical establishments. Don't take chances with your health.
Cheap offers are cheap for a reason
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Supplement of the month
Vitamin D3 from MD Prescriptives
£36 for 3 months supply
A must have for the reduced sunshine hours !
£ 500

Introductory Offer
Try 3 sessions of PRP therapy for the price of 2.
Three sessions are recommended for best results.
Price per session £ 500

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