Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Thread lift goes non-surgical. A unique non-surgical facelift from Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic.

We have been using a variety of face and neck lift techniques at the Coltishall Clinic. From Surgical face-lifts, laser facelifts, liquid facelifts to very gentle no needle radiofrequency lifts. Thread lifts have been around in various forms for last many years. Recent refinements however make this procedure very attractive.

So what has changed? Dr Gheyi MBBS MS FRCS BCCAM Medical director and laser surgeon explains- ‘three things’-

1] The procedure has changed from a surgical procedure to non-surgical. We do not need to use a knife anymore.
2] The threads have changed from permanent threads to reabsorbable ones-same as used in fillers.
3] The price has come down. In the past you could have a surgical face-lift for not very much more so I was reluctant to do a thread lift at such a higher price point. Now these advantages have resultant in a resurgence of interest in thread lifts. A thread lift enables two joint actions:
• A lift effect as soon as threads are applied for an immediate and discreet result.
• A regenerative effect, for progressive and natural results.

How is the procedure performed?
No special preparation is required prior to Silhouette Soft® treatment. After a small local anaesthetic, the doctor inserts the thread under the skin to a depth of about three to five millimeters. No incision is required, as the suture is inserted using a fine needle. It is held in place with absorbable cones.
Once the suture as been applied, the doctor performs slight compression of the tissue to reshape it by hand and to obtain the desired lifting effect. The non-inserted ends of the suture are cut off. One or more sutures may be applied, depending on the patient and treated area.

What is the recovery like?
After Silhouette Soft© treatment, as with any cosmetic treatment, some slight swelling, redness or bruising may sometimes be observed, but these disappear within days.
There is sometimes a slight wrinkling of the skin (required for optimisation of the treatment), which disappears very quickly.

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