Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lunch time laser facial

Sometimes I hear people ask-

I don't really have much time- can I have a quick treatment without any down time or signs of having had a facial or a laser treatment and still see results? or....

I would love to have a laser treatment but I have dark skin, can I still have a laser treatment? I have heard that laser is only suitable for fair skin! or......
I do not wish to have cosmetic treatments but would like to slow down skin ageing and look fresher! not necessarily younger. or....

I tried laser/ IPL / creams/ chemical peels for my skin pigment but nothing worked. Can you suggest something?

Well, if any of these apply to you then consider our Q yag laser facial

We are impressed with it and you too can take advantage. Watch a treatment video and call us or use our appointment form to book your experience

Monday, 28 June 2010

Laser hair removal just got better

My aim is to offer best technology to my patients and clients. They come not only from Norwich or Norfolk but but also surrounding counties of lincolnshire, cambridgeshire and Suffolk.
OK I perform most of my laser hair removals myself rather than delegate it to most junior staff members. Why?
Because I believe that this is perhaps the most important & difficult treatment to do well and it takes experience to do it correctly. Low energy and it will not work, higher energy and you get side effects. It is a delicate balance.
Then there is the technology. No one machine works best for everyone. Hence we have invested in what I believe to be the best technology out there for laser hair removal. Often we see the same old technology being repackaged and introduced as 'latest advance in laser hair removal'. Well, it is not, it is a marketing technique. I am yet to see a true technological breakthrough that outperforms the time tested Alexandrite laser for laser hair removal on fair skin.
Then there are some IPLs which can do a fair job but these are not the best. Sometimes these are combined with RF energy but I do not believe that this combination offers any advantages. If you search the internet for 'laser hair removal' the majority of search results will indicate IPL rather then true laser and a few will claim IPL is better or latest! No, it is not. I can tell you as I use both.
So what machines do I use in our clinic-
IPL 645-1200nm
IPL 695-1200nm
Nd-yag 1064nm
Alexandrite 755mm
Q switched Nd-yag 1064nm
How do we choose- we consider your skin type, hair type and body area to treat and then decide which machine will work best for you. You do need to have a proper consultation for laser hair removal. This is not a salon service. This is a medical service and we see people who can have medical reasons for hair growth and further testing or issues may need to be considered.
What about the pain and speed! It is not painful, sensation is just like snap from a rubber band. A cool gel is used with IPL and cool spray with our laser which is incredibly fast and allows us to treat a full back or lower or upper legs in under 40minutes. It is very safe and offers unmatched results.
More information and treatment video here