Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lunch time laser facial

Sometimes I hear people ask-

I don't really have much time- can I have a quick treatment without any down time or signs of having had a facial or a laser treatment and still see results? or....

I would love to have a laser treatment but I have dark skin, can I still have a laser treatment? I have heard that laser is only suitable for fair skin! or......
I do not wish to have cosmetic treatments but would like to slow down skin ageing and look fresher! not necessarily younger. or....

I tried laser/ IPL / creams/ chemical peels for my skin pigment but nothing worked. Can you suggest something?

Well, if any of these apply to you then consider our Q yag laser facial

We are impressed with it and you too can take advantage. Watch a treatment video and call us or use our appointment form to book your experience

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