Monday, 12 July 2010

Laser Tattoo Removal

Is your Tattoo stopping you from moving forward in life?

Would you like to have it removed in a painless, scar less way with the latest technology?

Look no further…the answer is right here….

In many parts of the world greater than 15% of adults have tattoos. It is estimated that 50% of those receiving tattoos will want to have them removed within 10 years of their application. Tattoos can have negative associations and can be a hindrance in obtaining certain jobs. Whatever the reason, the best technology for tattoo removal in now available.

Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic have announced the arrival of a new high powered laser.
“The last few years have been very exciting for us and we have continued to invest in training and education and to add new services to our treatment menu”, says practice manager Trish. “We already have 4 different IPLs and 2 different lasers in addition to light emitting diodes and diamond microdermabrasion. Now we have added a Q-switched Nd-Yag laser ‘ the gold-standard tattoo removal laser’ which will help us not only remove tattoos, but also treat people with deeper pigmentation and sun spots”.

What methods of Tattoo Removal are available?

We must stress that older methods of tattoo removal are now outdated and have been replaced by better technology. These methods included dermabrasion, chemical peels, destruction of tattoo ink by various forms of injectable substances.

Why are older Tattoo Removal methods not recommended?

Older methods used to remove the part of skin with the tattoo! The results were less than desirable due to scarring. Whilst surgical excision may have a role in some smaller tattoos, older methods of tattoo removal cause unacceptable scarring and poor cosmetic outcome.

Why are Q switched Tattoo Removal lasers so good?

Q switched lasers produce very high powered and short nanosecond [one billionth of a second] pulses of light that shatter and disperse pigment particles without damaging the skin. Consequently ink particles are removed and surrounding skin is not damages. This dramatically reduces the risk of scarring.

Is the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment painful?

We use a local anaesthetic to numb the skin so our patients do not find the treatment painful.

Is the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment permanent?

Yes. Dr Sanjay Gheyi MBBS MS FRCS FP Cert. BCAAM, Medical Director and Laser Surgeon of Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic has many years experience with IPL and lasers. He has received one to one training from pioneers of laser technology in USA & Italy and has reproduced excellent results in his clinic. He specialises in ‘no downtime’ gentle laser facials to more invasive laser resurfacing procedures and ‘knifeless’ laser surgery for lumps, bumps and skin tags in addition to botox, dermal fillers and leg vein treatments.

For Laser Tattoo or pigment removal contact Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic on 0800 0430737 or


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