Monday, 9 December 2013

Minimally invasive neck lift. Platysmaplasty

Minimally invasive neck lift

If you with to have a neck left but wish to avoid incisions on your face then this may be an option for you. This procedure is suitable for patients with visible neck bands or fat under the chin, jowls or neck.
This procedure is a combination of laser liposuction  and neck muscle tightening or platysmaplasty purely under local anaesthesia.
Laser liposuction is done through tiny 1mm incisions under the chin and ears. These incisions heal to be  virtually invisible.
This is followed by neck muscle tightening through a tiny incision in the preexisting neck crease.
This is a small procedure with great results.
It can be combined with CO2 laser resurfacing for knife less face and neck lift.
Modern technology and technological innovations allow us to provide great results without general anaesthesia, prolonged recovery or high cost.
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