Tuesday, 27 May 2014

So you are not ready for a facelift? But you want better results than popular non-surgical treatments. What are your options?

When we talk about a facelift we talk about skin removal which is surgery. Too many treatments have been named non-surgical facelift. Unfortunately none of these provide a true lift. All these treatments are capable of doing is skin firming or skin shrinking. That is not to discredit these treatments. In fact majority of our treatments are geared towards improving the skin quality and skin health.

The closest we get to a non-surgical facelift is skin suspension. Various threads have been used for this procedure but these are also considered surgical as a skin incision is required to anchor these sutures in the area of the temple. Recently a non-anchoring version has become available which are silhouette soft sutures. These are capable of lifting the skin without cutting. The downside- results are not permanent. These are a good option if you want to try a reversible facelift without the knife. You can get this repeated later or you can move up the next step which is silhouette lift or even higher up the surgical ladder with skin removal and tightening of the underlying layer.

But I don't like the idea of a thread in my face and I also don't want the knife. Is there nothing else you can offer me?

The answer is yes I can. I can use a dual-plane laser facelift. How is this done? We use a numbing solution along the sides of face and neck. Then we introduce a hair thin laser fibre under your skin and activate the laser. The laser energy heats and shrinks the deeper layers of the skin. Then we use a co2 laser on the skin from outside to tighten the top layers of your skin further.

Is there an advantage to these treatments if you are recommending them, I hear you ask?

The answer is yes. A facelift only removes the excess skin. It does nothing to the remaining skin. Skin treatments such as lasers, LED, Radiofrequency, peels and even microdermabrasion help improve the skin quality. Patients often ask me- I only want one procedure doc. I don't have the time to do other things for my skin. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in life. If you want to maintain skin health you have to invest in it. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and needs looking after. You can't just have one facelift and forget about it. Skin health is a life-long process. 

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