Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Face-Lift or fat reduction in your lunch hour. No surgery, no injections and no pain.

I often get asked- “Doctor, I dont want a facelift, but cant you just tighten up some of this saggy skin a little? Or, “I don’t want to have liposuction but want to get rid of stubborn areas of fat.”

Previously my answer would have been a tentative “maybe” but today it is a qualified “yes”. 
Well, if this applies to you, then read on- technology moves fast and here at the Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic we like to offer it as soon as we are happy with the results and safety. If you have wanted to reduce wrinkles, jowls and sagging skin, improve your jaw line, remove crow’s feet and tighten skin anywhere on your face or body, then we have the best technology and expertise available for you.

We offer minimally invasive options and liquid facelifts but if needles worry you then we have an even better cutting edge option for you now.

How is this possible?

Gravity wins out over beauty and over time, untreated skin begins to sag and lose its elasticity. Advancements in technology have made it possible to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging without undergoing surgery. Coax med is a new medical device that uses radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound to improve skin without any downtime or discomfort. It is the newest radiofrequency and ultrasound device from Italy.

The Coax Medical system uses a sophisticated solid tip, which delivers a controlled amount of RF energy in a very special, brand new way to help decrease wrinkles and tighten the skin in a matter of minutes. A small hand piece is applied to the skin and it warms deeper tissue, stimulating the growth of new collagen. The hand piece tip of the device is cooled before, during, and after treatment to protect the skin and make the treatment more comfortable.

This device can tighten the skin without any pain or discomfort and requires no preparation with numbing creams. It takes about 40-45 minutes to treat the whole face, and only 15 minutes to treat smaller areas such as around the eyes. Not only do we help wrinkling, it also decreases pore size, brings out a better texture and appearance to the skin. Unlike lasers, it can be used on all skin colours, even very dark skin.

Multiple treatments are needed to get the best results. Results continue to improve for up to 12 months. Patients have one treatment every two weeks for 4-6 treatments and they can see a big difference in their skin for a healthier and more refreshed look. Compared to all of the other options in skin tightening that patients have available, I find that the Coax Med is the most comfortable to go through and it actually puts you to sleep. Its gentle warming feels like a massage of the facial skin. There is no recovery period required and you can get back to your normal schedule without any downtime whatsoever. There is no need for strict sun-avoidance either.
It can tighten loose skin on any area of the body such as tummy and arms and can be used with ultrasound to reduce areas of localized fat that cannot be improved with diet or exercise. We will look at some applications for body fat and stretch marks in my next article.

So, we now have an option that does not entail surgery, needles or pain and, best of all there is no recovery period required. It is also much cheaper than surgery.

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